Bridal dressmaking and custom orders based in Christchurch, New Zealand

Bridal Gowns

At Songs of Solomon, every gown is handcrafted to the design and measurements of each Bride. After working on over 100 gowns, we know that wedding dresses have a beautiful story to tell.

How it works

Congratulations on your engagement! Here at Songs of Solomon, we aim to make your gown-creating experience a memory to treasure forever, as your dream dress come to life! After booking an initial consultation, we meet and discuss your ideas, budget and time-frame. Advice and options are discussed regarding fabric choices and gown design, and these will be reflected in a quote sent to you after the consult. If you choose to go ahead with the gown being made, a first fitting will be arranged where a cotton mock-up of the gown will be tried on and adjusted to check the fit of the pattern before cutting into the final fabrics. From there, the gown is constructed in layers and several more fittings are required to achieve the perfect fit and style of each Bride.


A finished gown starts at about $2,200, including all materials and fittings.

Other bridal accessories such as veils and headpieces can be custom made at an additional cost.


Please leave at least 6 months before your wedding to get in touch!

Custom Orders

Day dresses

At Songs of Solomon, we also love to create custom orders for you to wear every day, that bring colour, joy and a little bit of inspiration into your daily life. Something unique we love to do is to sew a line of Scripture into the lining of the dress so that the light and courage of God’s Word can carry you through your day and lift your heart towards Heaven.

How it works

After purchasing material of your choice (our patterns require around 3m of cotton fabric) we meet to measure up and discuss the style and fit you have chosen. Then your dress is made up in your size and either posted out to you, or you are welcome to pop in again to have a final fitting. Please get in touch if would like to order your customised dress!

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After completing a Bachelor of Design in Fashion in 2011, Therese founded Songs of Solomon as a fusion of handcrafted skills and inspiration through Scripture. The little label operated out of her tiny workshop and sold in 3 stores around Christchurch, various markets, and on the online Boutique.

Four years later, and having sold dresses in 6 countries, the little company wound down while Therese took time to get married, go for walks with Dave, and renovate their new home. During this time she worked as a patternmaker for a Bridal design house in Christchurch.

With the arrival of little Esther, Therese became a stay-at-home mum, and now she makes a small number of gowns a year from home, in between the gardening, ironing, and reading stories.


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